With the first race of this series having been called off there were only 3 entries for the second race on Wednesday 10th August as several of the normal competitors are entered in the National IRC Championships. The 3rd race was abandonned due to very light winds and strong tide leaving boats floating around in the area of Clipera. The 4th race saw again only 5 entries but good f3 NE winds and the final race of the series on Wednesday 31st saw a return to a bigger fleet with 8 entries.

The series results are on this link

Race 5

Offshore Racing July 2016

The July race series is again being run as a tandem event. The IRC Class Trophy the Carlsberg Trophy and the NHC Class Trophy the David Hague Trophy.

Race 4 Report 27th July

With light south westerly winds the last race in this month's series started with the yachts raising spinnakers on a slow approach to start line. From the start there was very close racing with Just J leading the pack but everyone else running pretty much abreast. Carpe DIem to the wall side and Just Enough to the Jetty side.As the fleet set off towards Meath from the end of the harbour wall, on Course 1, the yachts were confronted with 4 loud blasts from an incomming ferry and poor old Incantation had to tack to clear her channel.

From Meath the order was now clear with Just J followed by Pipedreamer, then Houdini, Just Enough, Lily, Carpe Diem and Incantation some way back. The beat from Meath to Penrhos saw a close battle between Just Enough and Lily with Lily rounding the mark ahead. The second spinnaker leg from Penrhos to Clipera saw Lily challenging Houdini but with a poor spinnaker drop she lost out and Just Enough managed to round on Lily's stern. The battle between Lily and Just Enough continued all the way to the finish line with Lily able to make a last minute dive past Just Enough to leeward to cross the line ahead by just 3 seconds.

The handicap results of the race and the series can be seen on these link: NHCIRCSeries final reults:The final series results are as follows: 

  • Carpe Diem
  • Incantation
  • Just J
  • Pipedreamer Just Enough Houdini LilyFlying Dragon Cloud Nine and the IRC series result:Just JJust EnoughHoudiniPipedreamerIncantationLilyFlying DragonCloud NineRace 3 Report 20th July:Spinnakers up!The 3rd race of the series saw 8 - 12kt SW winds making a spinnaker start inevitable. The congestion around the start line with yachts trying to get their spinnakers prepared made things very difficult in the approach to the line.  Over the radio there was a conversation on the missing start line makers, Lily missed the key point of the message thinking it was IDM that was missing not ODM. From the start Lily was having difficulties with her spinnaker and followed the entire fleet out of the harbour, to quote Mark “we were purposely sailing behind the fleet to get good photos of the fleet…”As the fleet left the harbour towards Clipera the yachts on starboard were struggling to make the mark with Incantation a long way to the south of the mark. Lily’s problems were compounded by a problem with raising the genoa forcing her to go way east of the mark. Before she could drop the spinnaker. Meanwhile Houdini and Pipedreamer lead the field with Just Enough ahead of Carpe Diem who had regained 4th place, with Incantation the last to round the mark. The leg to Penrhos was a beat with the yachts taking different lines to the mark but, from where we were, it was difficult to see who was gaining at the front. Course 4 (Clipera, Penrhos, Meath and ODM) saw a fairly tight reach back from Penrhos to Meath but all the yachts raised spinnakers. Incantation, on hoisting her spinnaker, produced a spectacular “wineglass” but so their troubles continued to mount. Approaching Meath the tide race was severe with Pipedreamer, rounding first and slipping sideways closely followed by Just Enough and Houdini. Lily had regained some ground on the downwind leg and managed a good tack round Meath and avoiding slipping sideways onto the mark, which was not the case when Incantation finally made it to Meath. Having hit the mark Incantation retired. The fleet crossed the finishing line in the following order: PipedreamerHoudiniJust EnoughLilyCarpe DiemHowever back in the club house Lily discovered that she had been disqualified for failing to go between the IDM and the harbour wall... Crew were gutted after trying so hard to get back from their poor start.... Better luck next week!Race 2 Report 13th July:Winds westerly 12kt gusting 19kt saw showers just prior to the start.  This week the race entry was back up in numbers with a welcome return of Houdini and Pipedreamer. The main fleet got a very close start on Starboard with only Lily and Cape Diem running on Port. Spinnakers hoisted at the start, or soon after saw the main fleet running out towards the Aluminium jetty while the two yachts on port headed straight for Clipera. Once Lily had her spinnaker driving she overtook most of the fleet by the harbour entrance, apart from Flying Dragon and Just J both well clear by now. The order for the leading yachts stayed the same round Clipera, down to Penrhos and up to Bolivar. Just J was having some problems with her kite and lost time on the leg from Clipera up to Bolivar. At Bolivar Pipedreamer had caught Lily and on the beat towards the harbour entrance she passed Lily. Lily’s headsail was not setting well and she struggled to windward dropping time against Just Enough and Houdini who were having a keen contest back into the harbour. Over the water the race was won by Flying Dragon by quite a way from Just J. The time interval from first to last was close at around 17 minutes giving Sian on the launch service a heavy concentrated workload getting the crews off the water. Congratulations to both Incantation and Carpe Diem for their NHC results (see links below).A good crowd in the clubhouse for post race food and the results with a welcome return for David Peters and family. Thanks as always to Wendy Argyle for her Race Officer duties.  For the series results go to these links:Carlsberg TrophyDavid Hague Trophy Privacy Policy | Terms & ConditionsCopyright © 2012. All Rights Reserved.A18TOR Template created by Craig Hughes.

    Report on Round Ynys Mon 2 Stage RaceRace 1 Saturday 23rd July Some bleary eyes were seen gathering in the clubhouse for the skipper's briefing at 07:00. Our thanks go to Geoff for running the launch from 06:30 to get the skipper's off the moorings for the briefing. John Jones' briefing covered the safety aspects of the course with the experienced skippers adding advice. A decision was made to communicate on Channel 6 to avoid clashes with the marina traffic for the 08:00 start but this proved awkward as it was monopolised for