Provisional Results for the series:


Wednesday August 14th

A much smaller fleet came out for this race although we welcomed back Carpe Diem after a few weeks away. The conditions appeared good for the race with a 12 - 14kt WSW wind giving a spinnaker start and Wendy the race officer had selected a great course of Start, Clipera (s), Penrhos (s), Clipera (s), Penrhos (s), Meath (p) and finish. The class 2 boats, Shearwater and Carpe Diem, started at 18:30 with the Squibs starting at 18:35 and the Class 1 boats at 18:40. Both the squibs and the offshore yacht courses were to Clipera on their first leg so it looked a bit confusing as the class 1 yachts approached.


Race no 5

With a restored fleet after our members have been away racing there were 8 yachts preparing for a downwind start in 12 - 16kt WNW winds. The race officer Wendy had selected course 1 with the new starting regime of 3 consecutive start times working well. 

The Class 2 fleet set off at 18:30 with Shearwater and Hydrology racing single handed. Next the suib fleet set off and then at 18:40 the Class 1 fleet started with a bit of a scrum at the IDM which pushed Flair IV to last place. Houdini and Red Eye were close to the wall and gained an initial advantage but then Passtime, being followed at close quarters by Flair, kept further south avoiding the holes in the wind between the knuckle and the spit mark. Flair finally get ahead of Passtime who was now in second place with Jaydreamer now heading the fleet. At the first mark Meath there was yet again a major convergence! Jaydreamer managed to round the mark and go about clear of the rest with Flair IV giving water to Red Eye and Jetstream and Passtime very close behind. Jetstream then had a problem with her spinnaker sheets and guys catching the mark and dropped off to do their penalty while Flair IV followed Red Eye round the mark. The J boats all flew their  asymmetric spinnakers but Flair IV and Passtime kept their genaos and there was little speed difference but they were able to hold a better line to Penrhos.

Race 1 2019-08-04

Flair IV was not competing in this race as I was away at another engagement. Phil has sent me the results for the two yachts which turned out to race; Passtime and Shearwater. 

The two yachts are set in different classes but the start reverted to the old style single countdown with the start at 14:20. The course sailed was Start, Clipera, Penrhos, Clipera, Penrhos, Clipera and Finish. Phil reports that Shearwater flying her asymmetric on all the downwind legs was showing good speed. 

Looking forward to this Wednesday evening for another race before a number of our racing fleet are setting off for Pwllheli for the IRC National Championships over the weekend of 9th to 11th of August with the Round Anglesey Race over the weekend of 17th August.

NHC results

Race 2 July 2019

Only two yachts turned out for this race, Shearwater and Flair IV. Many of our racers and crew were competing in other events, Here is a link to the Dun Laoghaire Regatta results where Jetstream and Jaydreamer were competing... Well done guys!

In light NW winds the two yachts set out on the same course, course 3, Start, Bolivar, Clipera, Penrhos, Clipera and finish. It was discovered that the IDM mark is rather too close to the breakwater and in light winds the effects of the breakwater cause significant areas of very little wind and changes in direction. We have asked for this mark to be moved further south towards the club house. The two yachts struggled with the oddities in the wind and then the wake of two ribs leaving the moorings area, but once away to the south to find some wind they modified their courses to point to Bolivar. 

The fine beat suited Flair IV and she had a significant lead by the first mark. Once round Bolivar Flair set her spinnaker and headed at a fairly tight reach towards Clipera a leg which slightly favoured Shearwater with her asymmetric. Once round Clipera Flair benefitted from the deep broad reach with her symmetric spinnaker and again had a significant lead over Shearwater at Penrhos. 

Sailing back into the harbour ahead of the Irish Ferry Jonathan Swift and over the finish line Flair IV circled around to get a record of the finish time for Shearwater and an opportunity to discuss with two new recruits for the club who were on a follow up to the Try a Sail Day. 

Back off the two yachts we all met up for a pint in the Clubhouse. Another beautiful afternoon’s sailing here at Holyhead just a shame we are not getting more of you yacht owners to come out with us on these friendly fun races! 

NHC Results