Following consultation with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC), the RYA has issued revised guidance regarding the procedure for sending a ‘Distress Relay’.

In a relay situation, there is no longer a requirement to send a DSC ‘Urgency Announcement’.  The ‘Mayday Relay’ voice call remains unchanged and should still be transmitted as normal.

If a distress is received by DSC or voice, the skipper of a vessel should act as follows: 

  1. Wait five minutes for the distress to be acknowledged by the Coastguard or another vessel.
  2. If no acknowledgement or distress working is heard, send a ‘Received Mayday’ voice call to the station in distress, then:
  3. Relay the distress message to the nearest Coastguard, which may be by any means, but should primarily be sent using a ‘Mayday Relay’ voice call addressed to the specific Coastguard station followed by repetition of the original ‘Mayday message’.
  4. The Coastguard should respond and take over distress working and co-ordinate the assistance.
  5. If unable to contact a Coastguard station, send a ‘Mayday Relay’ call, addressed to ‘All Stations’, followed by the repetition of the original ‘Mayday message’. You should then prepare to co-ordinate the assistance to the vessel in distress between yourself and any other vessels in the vicinity.  

For the full article see this link from the RYA: Marine Radio Distress Relay Protocol

At the AGM in November 2019 the following members were elected to the Board of Directors. 


Directors of Holyhead Sailing Club CIC
Nigel Dennis  Nigel Dennis Director
Graham Drinkwater Graham Drinkwater Director
Sammy Hagan sammy Hagan Vice Commodore
Reuben Humphreys Reuben Humphreys Director
Sue James Sue James Commodore
Alwyn Kay  Alwyn Kay Rear Commodore
 Jim Paton  Jim Paton Director
 Sue Powney  Sue Powney Director
 Mark Rosenthal  Mark Rosenthal Director
 Dawn Russell  Dawn Russell Director
 Mike Thorne  Mike Thorne Director
 Becca Warren  Becca Warren Director


On December 5th 2019 the club received the updates to the Planning Process on Holyhead Marina Ltd's application ref: SC1906. 

There are now 3 documents in addition to the original Harbour Revision Order Scoping Report. The 3 new documents are as follows:

(click on the title to open in a new window)

  2. The Natural Resources Wales Permitting Consultation Request
  3. Appendix A Ynys Môn Council Holyhead Marina Pre-Application Advise

These documents have come via Mike Butterworth Chair of WYA who is the representative for these sorts of consultations on behalf of the RYA. He has to make a response to the RYA by 23rd December so please email your reponses to Sue James using the button below.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aug Bank Hol

Congratulations to crews of Jetstream and Jaydreamer for representing HSC so well in the Volvo Dun Laoghaire regatta.
Special mention for Messrs Louis Mills, Matthew and Harri Ingram and Harry Burns. Some nice pictures: