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A very large protected harbour

Holyhead Breakwater is located on Holy island this is part of Anglesey in Wales. The Breakwater is the longest in the UK, its 1.7 miles in length. The breakwater protects the harbour and the docking ferries from the prevailing westerly winds.

The tide flows along the north side of the harbour wall with faster streams during spring tide conditions.

Approaches to HSC

The sailing club and moorings are at the westerly end of the harbour area designated "New Harbour" with visitor moorings on the outside

Approaches from the north and passing either side of the Skerries will probably involve crossing the Traffic Seperation Scheme (TSS) at the Clipera Lateral Buoy. If there are ferries inbound or in the ferry port then port control can be contacted on Channel 14 for advice on large ship movements as you cross the TSS for the New Harbour.

Approaches from the west along the harbour wall involve keeping at least 50 meters from the north and end parts of the wall.

Immediately rounding and inside the breakwater wall is a green starboard hand buoy to keep traffic away from the rubble obstruction extending out from the wall at this point.

Visitors can moor to a Yellow or Orange visitor buoy at

The HSC launch can be reached on M1 or 37a for mooring advice


Contact the club

The club office can be reached on the phone
01407 762526

Contact the Launch

During working hours the club launch can assist on the water
Channel M1 or 37a

Contact a Member

We are a friendly member oriented club. A member can point you in the right direction. Come to the club and speak with us.

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